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Title: The Oxford Atlas 1951.
Edited By:  Brigadier Sir Clinton Lewis , Colonel J.D.Campbell D.P.Bickmore and K.F.Cook.
Publisher: Oxford University Press.
Edition: First Edition 1951.
Printed By: University Press, Oxford.
Format: Hard Cover.
Condition: Fair, some wear on the jacket cover on the spine and watermarks internally.

Title: Ordnance Survey Road Atlas Of Great Britain.
Edited By: George Ernest Wright, Floyd Vivian Filson.
Publisher: Newness Books.
Edition: Third Impression 1984.
Printed By: Temple Press.
Format: Hard Cover.
Condition: Good, some wear on the jacket cover on the spine.

Fascinating Secrets of Oceans and Islands with foreword by Jacques Cousteau.
This book is the most lavishly illustrated account of the wildlife of the oceans and islands ever published in a single volume.
Part one: Secrets of the Seas
Part two: Wonders of Island Life
Format: Hard cover,367 pages including superb full page photographs of the wildlife.
It contains more than 400 full-colour photographs and paintings.
Condition: Very Good, no folio cover.
Publisher: Reader's Digest Association, 1972, First Edition.

Title: Collecting Antique Maps.
Publisher: Jonathan Potter Limited
ISBN: 9780951157763
Date: 2001
Series: Antique Maps
Author: Jonathan Potter
Format: Hardback, 220pp, 225 x 310mm
Collecting Antique Maps combines a general history of printed cartography with extensive information for potential and established collectors. In colour.
Collecting Antique Maps combines a general history of printed cartography with extensive information for potential and established collectors:
•copiously illustrated with over 100 colour and numerous black and white photographs
•describes maps from the 15th to late 19th centuries covering all areas of the world, including the British counties
•has sections detailing the history of town plans, sea and celestial charts
•discusses the work of most major European mapmakers
•collectors' price guide index
The book is divided into three main sections:
LOOKING AT MAPS deals with collecting; how to look after maps and begin a collection.
MAPPING THE WORLD AND ITS COUNTRIES focuses on the great variety of printed maps, charts and plans of all areas of Britain and the world by most British and European mapmakers.
GLOBES, CURIOSITIES AND MINIATURES looks at maps with a difference; maps as objects, celestial and thematic charts, and maps of amusement.

Title: Antique Maps and Charts.
Introduction by Jonathan Potter.
Format: Hard cover,191 pages including colour and B&W Plates of Historical maps
Condition: Very Good, with dust jacket.
Publisher: This edition by Bracken Books, London, 1989.
History: Previously Published as Old Decorative Maps and Charts in 1926 by Halton and Truscott Smith Ltd, London and Minton, Balch and Company, New York.

Title: The Times Atlas of the World, Concise Edition.
Published By: Times Books London.
Edition: Seventh Edition 1997.
Maps by Bartholomew 1996.
Printed By: The Bath Press.
Condition: New, unused, in slip casing.
The Times Concise Atlas of the World, 7th Edition (1995) was the first fully digital publication produced by Collins Bartholomew.
1 atlas 290 pages.
Geographical consultants: H A G Lewis, B L D Winkleman ; Physical earth maps, Duncan Mackay.
First ed. published 1972, 7th ed. 1995, revised 1997, reprinted 1998.
Maps on lining papers.
Includes index.
This atlas, the 7th Concise Edition of the Times Atlas of the World, features entirely new reference mapping. Based on extensive research, this atlas includes the latest information from around the world and incorporates computer generated mapping of unrivalled accuracy and depth of detail. Each map has been specifically designed for this atlas using the optimum projection and scale for the area featured.
- 178 pages of world reference maps
- 46 plans featuring the world's great cities
- country by country gazetteer illustrated with national flags for all states and territories
- magnificent physical maps of the continents; data on the stars and the solar system; maps on
climate, vegetation, earthquakes and volcanoes, energy, population

Title: Philips Great World Atlas.
Published By: George Philip Limited.
Edition: 4th Edition.
Printed By: Reed International Books Limited, 1994.
Condition: New, Unused, in Box.
Includes a fact-packed 48-page world geography section, which provides maps, charts, graphs and diagrams on key themes, such as the universe and solar system, geology and landforms, climate, the environment, population, agriculture... includes a fact-packed 48-page world geography section, which provides maps, charts, graphs and diagrams on key themes, such as the universe and solar system, geology and landforms, climate, the environment, population, agriculture, energy and minerals. This atlas presents satellite image of the globe.

Title: Hammond's World Atlas Classics Edition
Publisher: C. S. Hammond & Company
Publication Date: 1961
Binding: Hardcover
Book Condition: Good, slight tear on front cover binding on spine.
Dust Jacket Condition: No Jacket
Description: Hammonds World Atlas Classics Edition.
An encyclopaedic Atlas of the World with latest and most authentic geographical and statistical information in map,
word and picture. C. S. Hammond & Company. Maplewood NJ. New York. 1961. 312 pages
Includes Historical Maps and Biblical lands maps.

Title: Philips International Atlas
Publisher: George Philip and Son Ltd
The London Geographical Institute.
Philip, Son and Nephew Ltd, Liverpool
Publication Date: 1944
Binding: Hardcover
Book Condition: Good,
Dust Jacket Condition: No Jacket
Description: Very interesting Atlas of the World during WW2. Plate type of layout across both pages.
Blank pages in between pages so that there are no maps on reverse of pages on all maps.
British Empire and Communication charts of the time.

Title: Philips International Atlas.
Designed and Complied by: George Philip F R G S.
Edited by: George Goodall M A.
Interim Edition - George Philip and Son Ltd 1942.
Publisher: George Philip and Son London.
Format: Hard Cover.
Condition: Fair, with foxing and worn edges.
158 pages with plates plus index.

Title: National Geographic Atlas Of The World
Publisher: National Geographic Society Washington DC
Publication Date: 1970 - Revised Third Edition
Binding: Hard cover
Book Condition: Good
Dust Jacket Condition: No Jacket
Description: National Geographic Society, 1970, 3rd rev. edition, edited by Payne, Melvin M.; Grosvenor, Melville Bell
Excellent coloured plates of maps as well as facts and statistics of the time on all countries.
Antarctic Exploration details.331 pages.

Title: National Geographic Atlas Of The World
Publisher: National Geographic Society Washington DC
Publication Date: 1981 - Fifth Edition
Binding: Hard cover
Book Condition: Good
Dust Jacket Condition: No Jacket
Description: National Geographic Society, 1981, Richard J Darley Chief Cartographer.
383 Pages, Foreword By Gilbert Grosvenor, President.
Beautifully coloured Maps, filled with extra information in this very large Atlas.

Title: Atlas Of The Biblical World.
Edited By: Joseph Rhymer.
Publisher: Greenwich House
Edition: 1982
Format: Hard Cover.
Condition: Very Good, with Dust Cover.
Pages: 224 pages with 50 maps and over 200 illustrations and photos, excellent reference to the Biblical times.

Title: Atlas of Ancient Archaeology.
Edited By: Jacquetta Hawkes.
Publisher: William Heinemann London.
Rainbird Reference Books Limited 1974.
Type: Hardcover, with Dust jacket - Excellent condition.
Pages: 272 pages.
Content: Traces the patterns of cultures and civilizations down to the beginning of the classical world, region by region, around the globe. This guide is designed for scholars and travellers alike.
Profusely illustrated with 350 maps, plans and drawings. A well-researched and authoritative study which seeks to trace the patterns of cultures and civilisations down to the beginning of modern history in the classical world. With Index.
Title: The Mitchell Beazley Atlas Of The Oceans.
Editor: Martyn Bramwell.
Publisher: Mitchell Beazley Limited, London, 1977.
Type: Hardcover, with dust jacket, very good condition.
A comprehensive survey of the vast oceanic realm that covers more than 70% of our planet.
Contents include: Birth & Evolution of the Ocean Basins; the Growth of Marine Science in an age of High Technology; the fascinating array of Creatures forming the intricate web of Marine Life; and the Great Resource (minerals, food, power). A systematic atlas of the marine world with 60 pages of maps, diagrams, charts and photographs describing the unique character, evolution and resource of each of the world's great oceans.
Pages: 208 pages.
Title: National Geographic Atlas "Expeditions Atlas"
Published By: National Geographic.
Year: 2000.
Type: Hardcover - No Dust jacket, 310 pages.
Condition: Excellent - as new.

An extraordinary volume, the remarkable National Geographic Expeditions Atlas recounts the storied travails and world-famous achievements of the women and men responsible for establishing and epitomizing the National Geographic Society's century-long commitment to exploring our world.

The atlas is organized into seven topical sections, each covering historical and modern expeditions in an area in which National Geographic has long been involved: Polar exploration, Mountaineering, Flight and Space, Oceanography, Archaeology, Anthropology, and Adventure Travel.
Each section features superb writing from a group of National Geographic staffers past and present, and offers priceless perspectives and little-known war stories about the Society's key expeditions.

Enabling readers to relive the exploits of such legendary personalities as Richard Byrd, Hiram Bingham, Jacques Cousteau, and Edmund Hillary, the authors also place each expedition within a larger context of the Society's enduring mission to spread and increase humanity's geographic knowledge.
With an array of fascinating historic and newly commissioned maps and hundreds of photographs that bring the adventures to thrilling life, the Expeditions Atlas reveals the passion behind America's grandest geographical institution.
Price: R 595.00 Inc Vat.
Title: New Zealand Atlas.
Published in Association with the Department of Surveyand Land Information.
General Editor: D W McKenzie
Publisher: Heinemann 1993 Edition.
Published By Reed Books Auckland.
Format: Hard Cover, 118 pages plus index, 117 Sectional Maps 1:250 000 Scale.
Condition: Very Good.

Title: Atlas of Discovery.
By: Gail Roberts.
With Introduction by Sir Francis Chichester.
Maps By: Geographical Projects.
Bloomsbury Books London, 192 Pages.
Publisher: J G Publishing 1989.
Format: Hard Cover with Dust Jacket.
Condition: Very Good.

Title: Antique Maps.
Of Europe, The Americas, West Indies, Australia, Africa, The Orient.
By: Douglas Gohm.
Publisher: Octopus Books, 1972.
Format: Hard Cover with Dust Jacket.
Description: First edition. 128 pp. 167 map illustrations in colour and black & white. A near-fine copy in a very good, protected dust-jacket.
Condition: Very Good.

Title: The World Atlas Of Exploration.
Edition: 1982 Edition.
By: Eric Newby.
Publisher: Mitchell Beazley Publishers Limited 1975.
           AH Artists House, London, 1982.
Format: Hard Cover with Dust Jacket.
Description: A 4000 Year Journey in the Company Of Heroes.
Condition: Good, repair on Dust Jacket
Since earliest times, men have stepped beyond the horizons accepted placidly by their fellows.
With each step the world has grown larger and so has man’s knowledge of himself.
The gripping story of these pathfinders is told in The World Atlas of Exploration –
but with a new depth and appreciation. The book also looks at the consequences of discovery.
Where the new land was prepared to accept the presence of man, new nations have been created.
Some, unhappily, have been destroyed. All this – the motives, the means, the consequences –
is to be found in The World Atlas of Exploration ; 288 pages of text,
illustrations and specially drawn maps, which have been designed to form
self-contained stories in their own right

Title: The Atlas of Atlases. By Phillip Allen.
Publisher: Bounty Books. Quantum Publishing, London. 2005.
ISBN 0-7537-1311-X. 315 x 272 x 17mm (12.3/8 x 10.3/4 x 5/8 inches)
Description: Dust Jacket coloured world map with Arabic lettering between the spheres, superimposed on a background map.
Laminated hardcover of the same world map. Dust jacket and contents, as new.
With over 300 full-colour illustrations, this book shows some of the most spectacular and important maps from 500 years of cartography, accompanied by informative text explaining the art and craft of the cartographer, with fascinating information about map-making in different countries. All the atlases are from the great Cadbury Collection at the Birmingham Central Library. A wonderful cartographic summary!
Condition: As New.

Title: The Times Atlas of World Exploration
Author: Edited by Felipe Fernández-Armesto.
Publisher: Times Books, 1991.
Format: Hardcover – October 1, 1991
Large format hardback [37x27cm] 286 pages. ISBN 0723003440 .
Condition: Very good condition in a slightly edge worn dust-jacket.
The world of 500 years ago, divided between cultures which knew little or nothing of each other, has now been transformed into the "global village" in which we live today. Explorers and map-makers were in the first wave of the makers of the modern world - discovering, reporting and recording the routes which link the regions of the world and which brought human awareness to almost all the communities which inhabit the planet. This atlas maps these routes, and sets their work in its historical context, starting with the first map-makers in China some 3000 years ago, surveying the golden age of navigation and discovery, and bringing the story up to the present day by looking at the achievements of remote-sensing satellites and deep-sea exploration. Dr Felipe Fernandez-Armesto is the author of "The Canary Islands after the Conquest" and "Before Columbus".

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