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Cape Collectables

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Bank Notes

Country Note Denomination Governor Image
South Africa 1 Rand T W De Jongh
South Africa 2 Rand Gerhard De Kock
South Africa 5 Rand C L Stals
South Africa 10 Rand C L Stals
South Africa 20 Rand C L Stals
South Africa 50 Rand C L Stals
Switzerland 10 Franc Leonhard Euler
Malaysia 1 Ringgit
Malaysia 5 Ringgit Petronas Towers
Swaziland 1 Lilangeni Reed Dance
USA 1 Dollar Series 1988 A
USA 1 Dollar Series 1985
USA 1 Dollar Series 1995
USA 1 Dollar Series 1999
USA 1 Dollar Series 2006
USA 1 Dollar Series 1977 A
USA 1 Dollar Series 1981 A
USA 1 Dollar Series 1993
Portugal 100 Escudos Fernando Pessoa
Portugal 50 Escudos Infanta D Maria
Argentina 5000 Australes Miguel Juarez Celman
Argentina 10 000 Australes Carlos Pellegrini
Argentina 1000 Australes Julio A Roca
Argentina 50 000 Australes Luis Saenz Pena
Argentina 500 Australes Nicolas Avellaneda
Peru 100 Intis Ramon Castilla
Belgium 100 Franc Hendrik Beyaert
Namibia 10 Dollars Kaptein Hendrik Witbooi
Brazil 5000 Cruizeros
Brazil 500 Cruzados Augusto Ruschi
Zimbabwe 2 Dollars 1983
Zimbabwe 10 Dollars 1983
Zimbabwe 20 Dollars 1983
Denmark 10 Kroner Serie 1972
Canada 1 Dollar 1973
China 1 Yuan 1999
China 5 Yuan 2005
China 5 Wu Jiao 1980
China 1 Yi Jiao 1980
China 1 Yi Yuan 1996

Germany Eine Mark Mar-20 Reichsbanknote
Germany 20000 Zwanzigtausend 20-Feb-23 Reichsbanknote
Germany Zwanzig Reichs Mark Jan-29 Reichsbanknote
Germany Zehn Reichs Mark Jan-29 Reichsbanknote
Germany 50 Reichsmark 30-Mar-33 Reichsbanknote
Germany Eine RentenMark Jan-37 Reichsbanknote
Germany Funf ReichsMark Aug-42 Reichsbanknote
Germany Funfzig Pfennig 1944 Alliierte Militarbehorde
Germany Eine Mark 1944 Alliierte Militarbehorde
Germany Funf Deutsche Mark 1955 Reichsbanknote

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