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Copper Engraving.
A skilled craftsman would engrave the image in reverse on a copper plate.
The copper plate would then be inked and laid onto a sheet of acid free antique pressed cotton paper.
The copper sheet together with the cotton paper would then be fed between two rollers
under high pressure, so that the image would be pressed from the copper sheet onto the paper.
These days this process is appreciated as a form of fine art.
Copper engraved maps, once seen as functional illustrations are now considered works of art.
Many early maps were only printed in small editions and as such become very rare over time.

John Tallis and Company - Engraver J. Rapkin.
John Tallis (1815 or 1816 – 3 June 1876) was an English cartographic publisher.
His company, John Tallis and Company, published views, maps and atlases in London from roughly 1838 to 1851.
Tallis set up as a publisher with Frederick Tallis in Cripplegate in 1842;
the business moved to Smithfield in 1846, and was dissolved in 1849.
From 1851 to 1854 Tallis operated as John Tallis and Company.
Beginning in 1851, John Tallis & Co. issued their Illustrated Atlas,
which contained maps of all parts of the world.
These are among the most popular nineteenth century maps available to the collector.
The maps are very detailed, with copious topographical and political information
presented with excellent clarity.
However, it is for their decorative borders and the small,
finely engraved vignettes
of local scenes that these maps are particularly known and enjoyed.

Title: Jamaica.
Publisher: John Tallis and Company, London and New York.
Format: Engraved Line Drawing.
Year: Circa 1851.
Info: The Illustrations By H Winkles and Engraved by W Lacey.
Size: 36cm x 27 cm.
Engraving: The Map drawn and engraved by J Rapkin.
Condition: Very Good, with fold down middle.
Map: Original release.

Title: Greece.
Publisher: John Tallis and Company.
Format: Engraved Line Drawing.

Year: Circa 1851.
Size: 37 cm W x 26.5 cm H.
Engraving: J Rapkin.
Poor - with water damage.
Map: Original release.

Title: West Canada.
Publisher: John Tallis and Company.
Year: Circa 1851.
Format: Engraved Line Drawing.
Size: 37 cm W x 26.5 cm H.
Engraving: J Rapkin.
Map: Original release.
Title: British India.
Publisher: The London Printing and Publishing Company.
Format: Engraved Line Drawing.
Year: Circa 1851.
Info: The Illustrations by A H Wray and engraved by J H Kernot.
Size: 36cm x 27 cm.
Engraving: The Map drawn and engraved by J Rapkin.
Condition: Very Good, with fold down middle.
Map: Original release.

Title: Southern India.
Publisher: The London Printing and Publishing Company.
Format: Engraved Line Drawing.
Year: Circa 1851.
Info: The Illustrations by A H Wray and engraved by J H Kernot.
Size: 36cm x 27 cm.
Engraving: The Map drawn and engraved by J Rapkin.
Condition: Very Good, with fold down middle.
Map: Original release.

Title: Holland.
Publisher: J and F Tallis London & New York.
Format: Engraved Line Drawing.
Year: 1850.
Info: The Illustrations by H Warren and Engraved by J B Allen.
Size: 36cm x 26 cm.
Condition: Good, with small repair at Lower Edge of Map in centre.
Map: Original release.

Title: The Dutch Colony of the Cape of Good Hope by L.S. de la Rochette. M. DCC. XCV.
Engraved by W. Faden. London.
Published by W. Faden, successor to the late T. Jefferys, Geogr. to the King, Charing Cross,
2d. edition corrected Decr. 1st, 1795.
Author: De la Rochette, Louis Stanislas d'Arcy;
Date: 1795
Short Title: Cape of Good Hope.
Publisher: William Faden London
Type: Atlas Map
Scale 1: 525,000 Scale
Description: Engraved map. Border hand col. Relief shown pictorially; depths by soundings.
Shows kraals or villages, fountains, river crossings, early settlers, anchorages, etc.
Early Dutch descriptions of districts, towns and farms.
Indicates British landing at Simons Town and the route followed to Cape Town.
Illustrated cartouche. "48."
Reference: Norwich, O.I. Norwich's maps of Africa (2nd ed.),
225; Tooley, R.V. Printed maps of Southern Africa and its parts,
Cape Town Region (South Africa)
Publication Author: Faden, William, 1750?-1836
Published Title: General Atlas / 1811
Map: Reproduction Print.
Title: Northumberland.
Publisher: John Waddington Ltd, Leeds, England, 1946.
Designed and Drawn By: Ernest Clegg.

Devised By: Donald McCullough.
Format: Chromolithographed map.
Size: 54 cm H x 42 cm W.
Condition: Good.
Dedicated By Kind Permission to His Grace The Duke Of Northumberland.
County map: Original colour: Rare chromolithographed map celebrating the
victory of the Allies.
Drawn and designed by Ernest Clegg, this county map of Northumberland
was produced and printed by John Waddington Ltd. Waddington's are
more known for their playing card production. Although 50 years old
it is in good condition. The map is illustrated with facts and figures
pre and post war, from food production and diversity, to inventors
from the area, and also famous names and places.
One of the Countryman County Maps of England, produced for the Women’s
Land Army Benevolent Fund, devised by Donald McCullough, designed
and drawn by Ernest Clegg 1946.

Map: Original release.
Title: Derbyshire.
By: Designed and drawn By Ernest Clegg.
Devised By: Donald McCullough.
Format: Framed Map.
Printed by John Waddington Ltd Leeds England 1946.
County map. Rare chromolithographed map celebrating the victory of the Allies. Original colour.
A map of Derbyshire from the The Countryman County Maps of Britain
Devised by Donald McCullough and designed and drawn by Ernest Clegg.
Full colour litho with decorative vignettes of Kedleston Hall, Tidswell Church, Sudbury Hall, Chatsworth House, Haddon Hall & Hardwick House.
Explanatory and patriotic text with a quotation from Churchill & Mercators Atlas.
Dedicated to Rt.Hon.Tom Williams M.P
Size: 57cm x 44cm.
Condition: Very Good.

Title: Northumberland.
Description: Map of Northumberland, circa 1836.
Vignette of Alnwick Castle, bottom right.
Type: Colour Engraving - Decorative steel engraved antique map.
The Moule county maps were unusual for the period in that
they were highly decorative.
The scientific rationality of the late 18th & early 19th

century had seen a move away from the flamboyance of earlier map making;
emphasising instead a greater desire for accuracy and detail.
Thomas Moule, like many of his contemporaries, however, was drawn
to a more simplistic, pre-industrial age. This was clearly reflected

in his maps with their neo-Gothic borders, heraldic shields and views
of ancient buildings; ironically, the Moule maps issued later in the
1840s were amongst the first to show the newly constructed railways.

This highly decorative antique county map of Northumberland has been
embellished with armorials and other features. It was first published
in 1836 and subsequent editions were published until 1842. This map
includes railways and has been coloured by hand.
Publisher: George Virtue 1836 and the James Barclay's Complete and
Universal Dictionary, about 1841, with railways depicted.
Drawn By: Thomas Moule
Engraver: I Dower.

Framed: 24cm x 31cm.
Condition: Very Good, slight tear bottom right.
Map: Original release.

Title: Somersetshire.
Cartographer: Robert Morden.
Year: First published in Edmund Gibson'd translation of William Camden's Britannia in 1695. This example is from the 1722 edition of the same work. Fine hand colour.
Size: 40cm W x 33cm H, Framed.
Type: Copper Plate Engraved Map.
Condition: Very Good.
Description: This is an attractive map of the county of Somerset in the southwest of England. The map is filled with names of towns and pictorial depictions of forests, cities and towns, including a simplified plan of Bristol.
An elegantly engraved aquatic cartouche completes the composition.
Map: Original release.
Title: Somersetshire.
Cartographer: J Archer.
Publisher: Dugdale’s England and Wales Delineated.
Year: 1850.
Condition: Map: Very Good.
Frame: Internal Board has some foxing.
Description: Drawn & Engraved by J.Archer Pentonville London.
Steel engraving with attractive, contemporary, full wash hand colouring.
Size: Map = 25cm x 20cm.
Frame = 45cm x 40cm.
Map: Original release.

Title: Derbyshire.
Vignettes of All Saints: Derby, Matlock, Chatsworth, Entrance to the Peak Cavern.
Published: London circa 1842.
An attractive and detailed antique county map of Derbyshire by the celebrated Thomas Moule.
Moule's maps are are well known and rightly sought after for their trademark ornate decorative borders, inset engravings and artistic presentation. Moule paid as much attention to aesthetic appeal as he did to cartographic detail . These county maps for which he is best known were first published in the 1830’s and re-issued in 1841. The original steel plates were used for all issues, but they were amended in the later edition to show the railways.
This map of Derbyshire is embellished with heraldic devices, a reference to the hundreds and inset vignette engravings of Chatsworth, Entrance to the Peak Cavern, Matlock in 1790 & All Saints, Derby.
A crisp dark impression, fine condition without fold lines, without hand colouring.
Publisher: Thomas Moule c 1842.
Engraved By: J A Bingley for Moules English Counties.
Map size: 23cm w x 28cm h
Framed Size: 38cm w x 46cm h.
Condition: Excellent condition and well framed Map.
Map: Original release.

Title: Cornwall.
Inset of Scilly Isles. Vignette of Lands End, not in colour.
Heraldry of Seal Of Saltash, Earl of Mount-Edgecumb, Duchy of Cornwall and Tywardreth in colour.
"The County returns four Members"
Map By: Thomas Moule.
Published By: James Barclay's Complete and Universal Dictionary, 1841.
Info: Decorative steel engraved antique map with hand colour. The vignette shows Lands End. Railways included.
Thomas Moule was a writer on heraldry and antiquities born in 1784 at St Marylebone in London. He carried on business as a bookseller in Duke Street, Grosvenor Square, from about 1816 until 1823, when he became Inspector of 'blind' letters in the General Post Office, his principal duties being the deciphering of such addresses as were illegible to the ordinary clerks. He also held, for many years, the office of Chamber-keeper in the Lord Chamberlain's Department which entitled him to an official residence in the Stable Yard of St James's Palace, where he died on 14 January 1851.
The well-known series of County Maps which are known as 'Moules' were first published in separate sections for each county in 1830-32 and they were then published in collected form in a two-volume work: The English Counties Delineated: or a Topographical Description of England: Illustrated by a Complete Series of County Maps by Thomas Moule: London: Published by George Virtue 1836. Further editions were brought out by Virtue (some with original hand-colouring of the maps) until about 1839. In 1841 the maps appeared in a publication entitled Barclays Complete and Universal English Dictionary with additions to the original plates showing the railways which had been constructed. Normally maps which come from this work are very close trimmed, often into the printed surface, as the format of the dictionary was slightly smaller than the original publication. They are the last series of decorative county maps to be published.
Publisher: James Barclay, 1841.
Map size: 26cm w x 21cm h
Framed Size: 36cm w x 42cm h.
Condition: Excellent condition map - framed.
Map: Original release.

Title: Liverpool.
Description: “Published under the Superintendence
              of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful
Vignette of “View of Liverpool in the year 1729” at top left.
Vignette of “The Black Rock Lighthouse” at centre.
Vignette of “Plan of Liverpool in the year 1729” at top right.
Includes views of the facades of 15 buildings.
Notes: This map is from the first edition of the 2-volume SDUK atlas.
Maps were issued in parts over several years and bound as a two volume set.
Publisher: Baldwin and Gradock 47 Paternoster Row, Sept 1836.
Printed By: T Starling.
Engraved By: Steel engraving, Reduced and engraved by T. Starling by consent from Gage’s Plan.
Framed Size: 56cm x 60cm.
Condition: Excellent.
Map: Original release.
Title: Stanfords Library Map of London and its Suburbs.
Map By: Edward Stanford.
Published By: Edward Stanford, 1872.
Info: Covers the Thames River,the Grand Surrey Docks,Commercial Docks, West India Docks,Limehouse and Blackwell Reach with the East India docks.
Part of a set of 24 maps that mapped London in 1872.
Born in 1827, and educated at the City of London School, Edward Stanford got into maps after being employed by Mr Trelawney Saunders at his map and stationers. He became a partner to Saunders in 1852 at the age of 25. In 1853, the company was dissolved, and Stanford took over the remains of the business with the intent of turning it into a map specialist. With British colonial expansion pushing the demand for maps worldwide, and being the sole specialist of maps in London, the move was both obvious and lucrative.

The name Stanfords became prominent in 1862 when his project to make the most accurate map of London possible was published.
Company ownership remained in the family until 1947, when it was absorbed into George Philip & Son. However, in 2001 Stanfords separated from George Philip & Son and the name Stanfords is proudly displayed on both stores and on many lines of maps and books produced by the company.
Scale 1 inch = 1 mile.
Map size: 43cm w x 35cm h.
Frame size: 55cm w x 47cm h.
Condition: Excellent condition in very good frame.
Map: Original Release.

Title: Cestriae /Chester.
Publisher: Unknown.
Format: Engraved Line Drawing / Framed.
Size: Unmounted size : 40cms x 33.8cms
Engraving: Cestriae Comitatus Romanis Legionibus et
Colonijs olim insignis vera et absoluta descriptio.
Surveyor: Richard Saxton.
Engraved: William Hole.
Condition: Fair, crease - due to join from 2 plates.
An early engraved map of the county engraved by
William Hole after the survey by Christopher Saxton.
The title is displayed on the pages of an open book.
Compass rose and scale.
Hand coloured.
Map: Original release.
Title: Londinum Feracissmi Angliae Regni Metropolis.
Publisher: Greater London Council Publication 171.
Format: Framed.
Printed By: Peridon Limited England.
Size:  54cm H x  38cm W.
Condition: Good.
Map: Original release.

Title: Graeciae Universae Secundum Hodiernum Situm Neo Terica De Scriptio.
Castoldo Pedemontano - Auctore.
Publisher: Ortelius, Abraham.
Type: Copper Engraving.
Year: 1595 - Print.
Scale 1: 2 500 000
Framed - Glass, Very Good Condition.
Size: 43cm high x 27cm wide.
Map: Fine Printed Reproduction of an Original release.
Title in cartouche at lower left, scale of distance, top right.

Title:    Angliae, Scotiae, Et Hiberniae Sive Britannicae Insularum Descriptio
Cartographer: Abraham Ortelius, Antwerp 1609.
Format:      Framed Print.
Frame size:  34cm x 49cm.
Condition:   Excellent.
Info:        Attractive full colour example of Ortelius' first map of the
              British Isles, from Ortelius' Theatrum Orbis Terrarum,
              the first modern atlas of the world.
              The map is based on Mercator's 1564 map of the British Isles.
              West is at the top.
              Includes a number of sailing ships and a coat of arms.
A classic, handsome and decorative map of ancient British Isles with
north orientated to the east. Based on Mercator's 1564 map of the British Isles
and improved by Saxton's 1579 map and the writings of the ancient classical writers.
Embellishments include five ships and three decorative strap work cartouches.
The seas are represented in Ortelius swirling pattern.
Numerous place names are on the map - "Londen", "Dublyn", etc.
This was an influential map with a very wide circulation.
Many of the names betray its ecclesiastical sources,
being issued only about thirty years after the Dissolution of the Monasteries.
The first occurrence of this map in the "Theatrum" was in 1570 and was
replaced by a later map in 1606.
Map: Fine Printed Reproduction of an Original release.
Title: Italiae Novissima Descriptio Avctore Lacobo Castaldo Pedemontano.
Publisher: Ortelius, Abraham.
Type: Copper Engraving, Print.
Atlas: Théâtre de l'Univers. Antwerp, Chr. Plantin, 1581. (Van der Krogt 3, 1:321
Year: 1581 - Print.
Scale 1: 2 500 000
Framed - Glass, Very Good Condition.
Size: 43cm high x 27cm wide.
Title in cartouche at top right, scale of distance, bottom right.
Map: Fine Printed Reproduction of an Original release.
Title: Hampshire.
Publisher: Unknown.
Type: Foil Graphic Dry Printing.
Size: 40cm high x 50cm wide.
Condition: Very Good.
Format: Foil printed map of the Hampshire county with Duke of Wellington crest.

Map: Fine Printed Reproduction of an Original release.

Title: Durham.
Publisher: Unknown.
Printed By: Wrightsons Foilgraphics London HA4 OYB.

Type: Print: Foil Graphic Dry Printing.
Size: 40cm high x 50cm wide.
Condition: Very Good.
Format: Foil printed map of the Durham county with reference to the wards.
Raby Castle graphic on bottom left.

A Thomas Moule map @ 1840's.
A decorative Victorian map of the county.
Embellished with gothic architecture,
views of Durham and Raby Castle,
female figure and six coats of arms,
that was first published in Barclay's Complete &
Universal English Dictionary. (London: 1840s)
Map: Fine Printed Reproduction of an Original release.
Title: New Zealand by Captain James Cook.
       Chart of New Zealand
       Explored in 1769 and 1770 by Lieut. J Cook
       Commander of His Majesty's bark Endeavour.
Publisher: Thorndon Fine Prints.
Format: Print.
Size: 43cm x 54cm.
Engraving: By J Bayly.
Info:      Beautifully engraved by J. Bayly in England from
             Cook’s charts made in 1769 and 1770.
             This map was originally published in the official account
             of Captain Cook’s voyage. Superbly republished in a small
             edition by Thorndon Fine Prints.
             It is a remarkable tribute to Cook’s navigation and
             charting skills, the only major inaccuracies being
             Stewart Island shown as a peninsula and Bank’s Peninsula
             as an island.
Condition: Excellent.
Map: Fine Printed Reproduction of an Original release.

Title: Essex.

By: Robert Morden.

Original Release, From Camdens Brittania 1695.

Frame Size: 58cm x 48cm.

Condition: Good.

Possibly first edition circa 1695 -1722, from Camden's Britannia, incorrectly inscribed 'Sold by Abel Swall and A. Churchill & Partner Three different scales for miles 'Great, Middle, Small'

Robert Morden fl. 1668 - 1703

(c.1650-1703) was a British bookseller, publisher, and maker of maps and globes. He was among the first successful commercial map makers. Between about 1675 and his death in 1703, he was based under the sign of the Atlas at premises in Cornhill and New Cheapside, London. His cartographical output was large and varied. His best known maps are those of South Wales, North Wales and the English Counties first published in a new edition of Camden's "Britannia" in 1695 (circulated during the reigns of William and Mary), and subsequently reissued in 1722, 1753 and 1772.

These maps were described as "all new engraved either according to surveys before publish'd or according to such as have been made and printed since Saxton and Speed" based on new information from Knowing Gentlemen of each county, to be reviewed and corrected and are finally described as "by much the fairest and most correct of any that have yet appear'd". Each had a decorated cartouche, and showed numerous place names.

Morden also produced in 1701 a series of smaller county maps often known as Miniature Mordens. In 1695 he published a map of Scotland. It is in parts (e.g. Skye and the Western Isles) essentially a copy of the 1654 map done by Robert Gordon of Straloch, published by Joan Blaeu; other parts show evidence of more accurate cartography.

He published a new map of the Tamil homeland, Coylot Wanees Country, in 17th century Ceylon island. He is also known for several very rare early maps of the British colonies in North America, which are now among the earliest and most sought after maps for collectors of old American maps. He also produced a series of miniature maps of the world, which appeared in both playing card format and in a series of atlases, including his Atlas Terrestris and Geography Anatomiz'd, beginning in 1687.


Title: Pictorial Britain and Irelend.
The Roads of Great Britain and Ireland Shewing
the Principal Places of Interest.
Drawn By: A E Taylor.
Desbribed By: S P B Mais.
Published By: H. K. McCann Company, 1932, London SW1.
For Anglo American Oil Company Ltd, London SW1.
Format: Hardcover.
Condition: Fair.
123 pages. No dust jacket.
Brown pictorial hardback with cloth spine.
Internal hinges cracked. Annotated.
Remains clear and legible throughout on tanned and foxed pages.
Binding has weakened due to hinge cracking.

The Following Maps have been Sold.

Title: Magna Carta Mundi - 1670.
Map of Ancient World.
Cartographer: Nicolaus Ioannis Vischerius.
Size: 90cm x 60cm.
Ancient Map Poster: Magna Carta Mundi literally translated means Great Charter of the World or World Map. This stunning poster is a vintage style Magna Carta Mundi image which is surrounded by detailed, traditional illustrations of months of the year and events that took place in centuries past.
It shows a highly detailed version of the world map including place names and political borders as well as ships crossing the worlds vast oceans.
This map is great for educational purposes for people of all ages as well as a terrific centre piece which will really stand out in any home.
Explorers of the time are depicted.
Map: Printed reproduction on Heavy Stock Paper print.
Title: Africa Described: The Manners of their Habit and Buildings.
Publisher: Unknown
Year: Unknown
Engraver: Abraham Goos
Format: Print, 160gm board.
Size: 56.0 cm W x 43.0 cm H.
Condition: Good.
Description: Newly done into English by I.S. Areto betold by the
Babet in Fleet Street and Ric: Chiswell in St. Pauls Churchyard.
Map: Fine Printed Reproduction of an Original release.

Title: Nova Totius Terrarum Orbis Geographica AC Hydrographica Tabula.
By: William J Blaeu.
Date: 1630.
Publisher: Printed and Published in Italy by Top art Milano 1999.
Type: Fine Art Print on 270g Fine Art paper - Unframed.
Size: 80cm x 60cm.
Description: Reproduction fine art print of the world by Blaeu.
Map: Fine Printed Reproduction of an Original release.

Eman Bowen - Africa
Title: Emanuel Bowen. "A New and Correct Map of Africa."
Publisher: From John Harris' Complete Collection of Voyages and Travels Print.
Antique map of Africa, circa 1748.
Map: Fine Printed Reproduction of an Original release.

Vaugondy - Africa.
Title: Africa.
Contributors: Robert Vaugondy, Rennels und Sotzmann's Skizze Des Nordlichen.
Format: Engraved Line Drawing.
Year: Circa 1794.
Size: 43cm x 49cm - Wood Frame / Glass.
Condition: Very Good.
Map: Original release.

Tallis - British America.
Title: British America.
Publisher: John Tallis and Company.
Year: Circa 1851.
Format: Engraved Line Drawing.
Size: 37 cm W x 26.5 cm H.
Engraving: J Rapkin.

Rowlands Map of Africa Hunting.
Rowland Ward Publication by E Buckley 1988.
Hunting and Conservation.
The Great Game Fileds and Reserves of Africa.

Historic York Map.

Stulpnagel - Afrika
Title: Afrika, gez. Von F.v. Stulpnagel.
Neu Berichtigte Auflage.Stielers Hand Atlas No. 40.Ausg. in 63B1 No. LI.
Publisher: Gotha Justus Perthes 1869.
Year: 1869.
Format: Engraved Line Drawing / Framed.
Map Size: 35.0 cm W x 30.0 cm H.

Title: L'Afrique. Africa divided into Parts which are further divided into Empires.
Cartographer: Gerard Valck, Amsterdam, 1680.
Publisher: Art and Antique reproduction 14/4/1999.
Format: Framed Authenticated print.
Map Size: 46cm x 57cm.
Frame size: 69cm x 79cm.
Condition: Excellent.
Info: Authentic Reproduction Copy 0162 printed from plates made from the first printing done in 1680
With Certification of Authenticity of reproduction.
Map: Fine Printed Reproduction of an Original release.

Title: L'Afrique.
Year: 1756.
Cartographer: Robert De Vaugondy.
Description: Dresse Sur les relations les plus recentes et assujettie aux observations astronomiques.
Condition: Very Good -
Contains Inscription: From I.M.A with all good wishes for 1976 on bottom of Map.
Format: Framed Printed Reproduction on quality paper.
Size: 60cm Wide x 49cm High

Title: Africa Secundum legitimas Projectionis Stereiographicae regulas….Leonis Africani...Matthia Hasso
Map Maker: Homann Heirs
Year: 1737 - Nuremberg.
Format: Printed Reproduction, not framed.
Condition: Good.

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